Photo Dump! – Edmonton Boudoir Makeup Artist

Whoa I’m so behind in posting pictures of my work on here.  Some of these photos go way back before the new year too.  Oops~!  Better late than never though right!?  🙂

This month has been quite busy with boudoir styling.  I love love love doing boudoir makeup & hair.  More so than anything else.  (wedding makeup comes a close second.)  With boudoir photo styling, I get to do my favorite smokey-eye all the time.  LOL  What can I say, I love my smokey eye + false lashes!  Using makeup to make a woman look and feel sexy and sensual is what I’m here to do.  And to have it all captured with photos is just an added bonus.  Having boudoir photos done is an unforgettable experience, especially 25+ years from now they’ll be proof that ‘hey check out how HOT I was!!!’  🙂

All makeup & hair by me.






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Makeup for Young Girls – Edmonton Makeup Artist


Hair & Makeup by Me

Pretty and fresh makeup is what I usually like to do for my younger clients.  (11-15 yrs old)  A young lady’s skin is usually flawlessss so sometimes just concealer and powder will do wonders.  Other times if I have to even out the skintone, I will use a light weight/ light coverage foundation to do that.  A bright pink blush always brightens up a pretty face.

For eye makeup I like to go less heavy, less dramatic.  Groomed eyebrows are really important to frame the eyes since I usually go light on the eyes.  False eyelashes are rarely used.  (depends)  A wash of neutral eyeshadow on the lids and eyeliner only for the top, for the bottom liner I just smudge some eyeshadow there and then coat top and bottom lashes with 2 coats of mascara!

Then for the lips, Pink/coral lipstick with lots of lipgloss keeps the look young and fresh and pretty.  What every young girl should be!  Kinda like you’re wearing makeup but not you know?!  🙂

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Myra – Edmonton Numa Model Makeup

One of my favorite sets by far this year!!!  I am so in love with Myra and her photos.  What a gem she is.  Myra is going to go far, such a talented and beautiful young lady!

For the ballerina set, I put on false doll-like lashes for Myra and then put her longggg hair into a high bun.  SO SO pretty!!!!


Then I quickly let her hair down and used a 1.5″ clipless curling rod to put loose waves into it for the next sets.  Literally took minutes!



I did a romantic and soft makeup look using light smokey eyeshadow colors to enhance Myra’s eye color.  Kept the blush to a minimal hint of pink and the perfect pink shade to go on her lips.  She has the perfect face!

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Crazy lady on the loose


Today I had the longest, craziest work day.  Can u tell?? Lol. I look like a crazy lady and why am I cross-eyed in this pic?!?!?  Aye!  Hahhaaha

I worked for 7 hours straight, running on one banana in my system.  By the end of the day I was shaking from hunger and my bladder on the verge of blasting.  TMI sorry.  But I had nooo time at all to eat or pee!  I had to rush between clients to clean all my brushes and sanitize all the makeup, pack up and drive to the next client, unpack everything, set it all up, repeat X4.

But I loved every minute of it and I met some pretty darn awesome ladies today 🙂

Amber -Boudoir Shoot


I LOVE this pic.  Amber had soooooo many beautiful pics but this was my fav.  I did a super smokey eye which suited her so well.  And the lipgloss was actually her own!  Amber suggested using her own lipgloss because she loved the color and why the heck not!?  It looked fantastic on her and it suited the whole look so well! 

A lot of times clients will bring some of their own makeup for me to look through and use and I have no problem obliging if it suits the look!  🙂
(Especially if you have sensitive skin/eyes, it’s a great idea to bring your own)


Amber also brought her own cover-up for me to use because she was used to the product and she knew it worked for her.  I used her foundation and concealer as well as my own products and mixed n matched and voila!  Hot babe alert!  Not to mention that beautiful sleeve of hers!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ve been sooooooo super busy the past few weeks.  Its like I fell off the face of this (internet) earth!  Lol I even stopped instagramming for 2 weeks!!!! *gasp!!!* hahhaha but I am back full force now!  Lots more to come!!  🙂

Shine Bright Like a Diamond


It helps when clients show me pictures of what makeup looks they like.  It shows me what colors you’re into, the ‘look’ you’re going for, the amount of makeup you are comfortable with, etc. But just know you are not Kim Kardashian or Rhianna therefore you are not going to look exactly like them. 🙂

You should look like yourself, just the more beautiful, enhanced version of your everyday self!  Cuz the most beautiful women are the ones that love themselves!  🙂