Myra – Edmonton Numa Model Makeup

One of my favorite sets by far this year!!!  I am so in love with Myra and her photos.  What a gem she is.  Myra is going to go far, such a talented and beautiful young lady!

For the ballerina set, I put on false doll-like lashes for Myra and then put her longggg hair into a high bun.  SO SO pretty!!!!


Then I quickly let her hair down and used a 1.5″ clipless curling rod to put loose waves into it for the next sets.  Literally took minutes!



I did a romantic and soft makeup look using light smokey eyeshadow colors to enhance Myra’s eye color.  Kept the blush to a minimal hint of pink and the perfect pink shade to go on her lips.  She has the perfect face!

Myra’s website:

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Laura & Victoria – Edmonton Numa Model Makeup



Hair & Makeup by me.

How lucky am I to always get to work with such beauties?!  Seriously.
Not only are they beautiful on the outside, they’re even more beautiful on the inside.  I had such a great time chatting and laughing with these 2 sisters!! 

Sometimes I still can’t believe my job is to meet and chat with such beautiful, awesome people!  #lovemyjob #blessed

Can’t wait to see the pictures!