Love a Bold Glam Session – Edmonton Makeup Artist

Sorry I’ve been MIA. Been super busy. I’m more active on my Instagram: @lilylemakeup

Makeup by me.

I loved loved doing this look.

She looks amazing and is ready to party!!

I love it when my clients put their trust in me to come up with a look. Just tell me the occasion and how comfortable you are with makeup and I will work my magic!!

Halloween 2017 – Edmonton Makeup Artist

When your mom is a makeup artist, you are ready for any occasion.  Especially Halloween!! Hehehe I absolutely love Halloween because I can go all out on the makeup part.  My 5yr old daughter is always down to get her makeup done, she really is her mother’s daughter. lol This year we decided we wanted to be zombies and that we were!!  Enjoy!! Lol

My niece wanted to be a reindeer for Halloween.  Aunty Lily delivered or what!? Bambi who?!! Lol

Mature Makeup РEdmonton Makeup Artist 

Mature makeup at its finest for a photoshoot.  I filled in her eyebrows which made a huge difference in framing the face and eyes!  Then I paired the brows with a smokey eye and tamed those eye bags and then kept everything else pretty neutral so her eyes would be the main focus.  Who says older women can’t wear a smokey eye?! 

Asian Eyes – Edmonton Asian Makeup Artist

Asian eyes can be quite challenging when it comes to makeup, especially when doing a smokey eye on mono lids.  

Most are afraid to use too much dark eyeshadow or too much eyeliner because it will make your eyes look even smaller.  

But if done right, a dark smokey eye can look super sexy & sultry and definitely enhance the shape of Asian eyes.ūüĎĆ 

Makeup & Hair by me

Mother Daughter Duo РEdmonton Wedding Makeup Artist 

I had the pleasure of doing bridal/bridesmaid makeup for this beautiful mother daughter duo last month.  Mother and daughter?!! More like sisters to me!  Bombshells! ūüėćūüėć

Kim’s Wedding – Edmonton Wedding Makeup Artist

Kim’s big day started bright and early.¬† I loathe waking up so early for weddings but I love what I do so it’s worth it!





3 of the 6 ladies I worked on this past Saturday including the beautiful bride in her gorgeous traditional Vietnamese dress!  So so beautiful!


Kim decided she wanted to go lighter on the eyes on her wedding day compared to what we did at the bridal trial.  So I did a light smokey eye on her with no eyeliner on the lower waterline, just shadow.

That’s why I can’t stress enough how bridal trials are so important. ¬†It’s like buying a new car without test driving it first ūüėČ ¬†You might be so set on a certain ‘look’ for your special day that you don’t realize that it might not work with your skintone, eye shape, face shape, eye color, etc etc.

At Kim’s bridal trial 2 weeks ago, she wanted to try a medium-dark smokey eye with a neutral lip. ¬†She looked smokin’ don’t get me wrong (check out her bridal trial pics in my previous post) but after wearing it the whole day and taking her engagement pictures with the makeup on, she decided that the eye makeup was a little too dark than what she was used to and she wanted to go lighter on the eyes for her wedding day. ¬†And nothing wrong with that! ¬†
Imagine if we didn’t do a bridal trial and I did the darker smokey eye on her actual wedding day. ¬†She would have seen the pictures after the wedding was over and wished we went lighter on the eyes but guess what- too late! ¬†That would suck right?! ¬†If you’re not comfortable with how your makeup looks it’ll definately show and that’s no good! ¬†So bride-to-be’s, definately book a bridal trial if you can!!

Kim’s wedding day makeup turned out so perfect, I wish we had better lighting to capture the makeup on my phone. ¬†She looked SO SO pretty and I’m not just saying that cuz I did her makeup! lol ¬†I’m hoping I can get some professional pictures from Kim when she gets them!

And of course, a #selfie with my gorgeous bride! ¬†Thank you for letting me be part of your special day! ¬†Even though I had to wake up at the crack of dawn and my eyes were all bloodshot and I was tired as hell and super cranky and took it out on my kids and slept the whole next day¬†‚̧


Face of the Day (FOTD) – Edmonton Makeup Artist



Today’s face of the day using Lorac Pro Palette1.¬† I used 2 colors on my eyes ‘Gold’ and ‘Garnet’.¬† My 2 almost everyday go to eyeshadow colors.¬† I really love this palette.¬† I also have the Lorac Pro Palette2 but I have to say I tend to use the first palette more.

On my lips is the usual Wet n Wild matte lipstick in ‘Dollhouse Pink’ with NYX lip liner in ‘Barbie Pink’.¬† Both names so suiting for each other!

Holly – Edmonton Boudoir Styling/Makeup & Hair

Chris sent me a before pic of Holly yay!


I always have good conversations with my clients. ¬†I love getting to know them and hearing about their lives, experiences, travels, etc. ¬†Even if it’s only within that hour to hour and a half that we have together. ¬†Most of the time we get along so well that I take longer than usual to do my job. ¬†Oops! ¬†We can’t help it! ¬†Lots of laughter to go around. ¬†I love positive, open people who have that happy aura around them. ¬†Good people with good vibes =) ¬†When my personality and theirs just mesh so well that our conversations about anything n everything is so always too much¬†fun!

Holly today was one of them. ¬†I had a blast doing her hair and makeup. ¬†We totally forgot to take a ‘before’ pic but that’s ok, she’s a stunner this Holly girl! ¬†ūüôā

Hair & Makeup by me.


And of course, some #selfies while I was waiting for Holly to arrive! lol  It was a snowy snowy day today, gotta keep warm!  #canadianeh


Wearing Wet n Wild’s “Dollhouse Pink” lippie as per usual! ¬†#loveit


My Boudoir Photo Shoot – Edmonton Boudoir Photo Shoot Makeup

Of course I had to take some #selfies from my boudoir photo shoot!  lol



I cannot wait to see the pictures when they’re done!

I had soooo much fun doing this. ¬†Seriously, EVERY WOMAN SHOULD DO A BOUDOIR SHOOT. ¬†It felt so empowering for some reason. ¬†I was a confident woman going into this but after the photo shoot I felt a whole new level of confidence and self love. ¬†Us women are so harsh and overly critical of ourselves. ¬†It’s a sad reality. ¬†We all need to love ourselves just a little more and be comfortable and confident in our bodies. ¬†We only have one life and one us, why not love who we are! ¬† Life is too beautiful and too short to be spent feeling negative and hating ourselves. ¬†No matter what shape or size, loving yourself and being confident and positive automatically exudes sexiness!! ¬†#loveyourself





Edmonton Bridal Fantasy Show 2014

Today I went to visit Chris & Kimber of at the Bridal Fantasy Show here in Edmonton. ¬†Their set-up was absolutely gorgeous!!! ¬†It truly¬†represented their clean and modern style and really showcased Chris’¬†awesome work. ¬†I also had tons of fun checking out all the different vendors and pretending to plan my imaginary wedding muahahaha

image (5)

image (4)

image (1)

This was such a beautiful set-up.  Very romantic, whimsical and garden-esque.  Definately a nice change from the usual all white + purple lighting decor that most people have for weddings nowadays.

image (3)

image (2)


Trying to get a good picture with my 2yr old is hard nowadays but we did it!  =)