Tracy – Edmonton Boudoir Makeup Artist


“You did an amazing job! Thanks for making me feel beautiful. I usually don’t like my pics which I’m sure you hear all the time.but great makeup and the right lighting,……..WOW!
Thanks – Tracy”

I love what I do and I’m good at what I do but it’s always nice to hear from my clients that they love their makeup and that they felt beautiful! Thank you Tracy! Your pictures turned out soooo gorgeous!

Tracy brought in her clip-in extensions (which alot of clients do)  and I have no problem putting them on for my clients and workin’ it like their own hair!  Va-va-va-voom!  Instant sexy hair!  🙂

Boudoir Styling – Edmonton Makeup Artist

A bunch of photos that I forgot to post!  All hair and makeup by me.








All photos by:

Kristen – Boudoir Shoot


As much as I love brunettes, there’s something about blondes with blue eyes that makes me want to be blonde with blue eyes sooo bad!  My hair’s been black most of my adult life but I think one day I’ll be dangerous and maybe just mayyyybe get some blonde highlights like back in the day lol  Sadly that’s probably the closest I’ll ever be to being blonde.  😦

Whenever I get a blonde w/ blue eyes client I get giddy inside.  I’m not exactly sure why.  lol  Blue eyes look amaaaaazing with a bronze-y smokey eye, lots of black mascara and black eyeliner.  Totally makes blue eyes pop.  Especially in photos.  I almost always use MAC’s ‘woodwinked’ eyeshadow for my blue eyed clients.  Never fails!

Kristen, how can you still look so beautiful with half a face!!!  🙂

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It’s Wedding/Grad Season!


I didn’t have a fancy grad or anything.  I didn’t get to dress up or get my hair/makeup done.  Heck I went to grad dinner with my sister in law!  She was my date heheh  I don’t regret not going to grad or anything.  I just regret not being able to pick out a fancy grad dress, going to the leg (as in legislature- not leg/arm lol) and not getting my hair & makeup done all fancy for all the photo ops.  Cuz you know everyone and their mommas r busy snapping away from every direction possible!  The last thing you need is your worst enemy/rival at school having pictures of you looking not so cute.  hahaha

Ahhh wedding season.  The day most girls dream about since they can remember.  I’m not married yet but I know for sure I’ll look super gorgeous for when that happens lol.  I’m thinking super sexy super smokey eyes with bronzed skin, (since mine will be a beach wedding lol) contoured cheekbones, and a light shimmery pale pink almost nude lip.  Yes.  I’ve already planned my wedding makeup to go with my imaginary Cuba wedding.  🙂  I don’t know when it’s happening but it’s happening.  In the meantime, let me help you with yours! 😀

Now booking for every and any occasion.

Heck, for a girls night out or stagette, wow all your friends with a super sexy you!  But um make sure you don’t outshine the bride-to-be too much. (unless her makeup is done by me too of course)  muahahaha lol  JK!

Some bridal work:




Amber -Boudoir Shoot


I LOVE this pic.  Amber had soooooo many beautiful pics but this was my fav.  I did a super smokey eye which suited her so well.  And the lipgloss was actually her own!  Amber suggested using her own lipgloss because she loved the color and why the heck not!?  It looked fantastic on her and it suited the whole look so well! 

A lot of times clients will bring some of their own makeup for me to look through and use and I have no problem obliging if it suits the look!  🙂
(Especially if you have sensitive skin/eyes, it’s a great idea to bring your own)


Amber also brought her own cover-up for me to use because she was used to the product and she knew it worked for her.  I used her foundation and concealer as well as my own products and mixed n matched and voila!  Hot babe alert!  Not to mention that beautiful sleeve of hers!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ve been sooooooo super busy the past few weeks.  Its like I fell off the face of this (internet) earth!  Lol I even stopped instagramming for 2 weeks!!!! *gasp!!!* hahhaha but I am back full force now!  Lots more to come!!  🙂

I’m famous!?

I love behind the scene shots.  It shows exactly what happens during a photo shoot; not everything is easy and simple as it looks. There’s a lot of hard work that goes into it and I love being a part of it!

I love doing makeup for boudoir photo shoots.  Something very sexy and empowering to see a woman comfortable in her own skin and having an amazing photographer like Chris capture that!  I think every woman should do a boudoir/beauty shoot at least once in their life!