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Mature makeup at its finest for a photoshoot.  I filled in her eyebrows which made a huge difference in framing the face and eyes!  Then I paired the brows with a smokey eye and tamed those eye bags and then kept everything else pretty neutral so her eyes would be the main focus.  Who says older women can’t wear a smokey eye?! 

Brianne’s Boudoir Shoot – Edmonton Makeup Artist


Hair & Makeup by me.
This was from last week but better late than never right! Brianne looked so so pretty, just like a Victoria’s Secret Angel. ūüôā If I don’t update right away or write down what I used, I always forget. This is the case right now. LOL. Sorry! But she looks gorg doesn’t she?! And that’s all that really matters ok! ūüėÄ

And of course, my must take selfie at work! Things I do when I’m bored or waiting for clients/in between clients! haha


Still keeping it vampy and not spring-ish yet because the weather here is crappy n cold still! #sooverwinter #albertan

Photo Dump! – Edmonton Boudoir Makeup Artist

Whoa I’m so behind in posting pictures of my work on here. ¬†Some of these photos go way back before the new year too. ¬†Oops~! ¬†Better late than never though right!? ¬†ūüôā

This month has been quite busy with boudoir styling. ¬†I love love love doing boudoir makeup & hair. ¬†More so than anything else. ¬†(wedding makeup comes a close second.) ¬†With boudoir photo styling, I get to do my favorite smokey-eye all the time. ¬†LOL ¬†What can I say, I love my smokey eye + false lashes! ¬†Using makeup to make a woman look and feel sexy and sensual is what I’m here to do. ¬†And to have it all captured with¬†photos is just an added bonus. ¬†Having boudoir photos done is an¬†unforgettable experience, especially 25+ years from now they’ll be proof that ‘hey check out how HOT I was!!!’ ¬†ūüôā

All makeup & hair by me.






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Before & After – Edmonton Boudoir Makeup & Hair Styling

Another before & after of my beautiful client!

Hair & Makeup by me.

I filled in her brows just a bit to add shape and to frame her eyes better.  She opted for no false lashes; I did a light smokey eye with lots of eyeliner to make her eyes pop.  Minimal blush because her cheeks are already naturally rosey.  Fresh faced and oh so pretty!


Holly – Edmonton Boudoir Styling/Makeup & Hair

Chris sent me a before pic of Holly yay!


I always have good conversations with my clients. ¬†I love getting to know them and hearing about their lives, experiences, travels, etc. ¬†Even if it’s only within that hour to hour and a half that we have together. ¬†Most of the time we get along so well that I take longer than usual to do my job. ¬†Oops! ¬†We can’t help it! ¬†Lots of laughter to go around. ¬†I love positive, open people who have that happy aura around them. ¬†Good people with good vibes =) ¬†When my personality and theirs just mesh so well that our conversations about anything n everything is so always too much¬†fun!

Holly today was one of them. ¬†I had a blast doing her hair and makeup. ¬†We totally forgot to take a ‘before’ pic but that’s ok, she’s a stunner this Holly girl! ¬†ūüôā

Hair & Makeup by me.


And of course, some #selfies while I was waiting for Holly to arrive! lol  It was a snowy snowy day today, gotta keep warm!  #canadianeh


Wearing Wet n Wild’s “Dollhouse Pink” lippie as per usual! ¬†#loveit


My Boudoir Photo Shoot – Edmonton Boudoir Photo Shoot Makeup

Of course I had to take some #selfies from my boudoir photo shoot!  lol



I cannot wait to see the pictures when they’re done!

I had soooo much fun doing this. ¬†Seriously, EVERY WOMAN SHOULD DO A BOUDOIR SHOOT. ¬†It felt so empowering for some reason. ¬†I was a confident woman going into this but after the photo shoot I felt a whole new level of confidence and self love. ¬†Us women are so harsh and overly critical of ourselves. ¬†It’s a sad reality. ¬†We all need to love ourselves just a little more and be comfortable and confident in our bodies. ¬†We only have one life and one us, why not love who we are! ¬† Life is too beautiful and too short to be spent feeling negative and hating ourselves. ¬†No matter what shape or size, loving yourself and being confident and positive automatically exudes sexiness!! ¬†#loveyourself





Finally My Turn! – Edmonton Boudoir Photo Shoot


It’s midnight and I’m sitting here packing for tomorrow’s boudoir shoot…I’m so excited!! ¬†Colorful bras, a zillion panties, garter belts, thigh high stockings and a pair of sexy Louboutins. ¬†#allagirlneeds

This isn’t even half the stuff! ¬†I really don’t know what to bring so I’m gonna bring everything! ¬†lol ¬†I still have clothing items to pack, accessories, more shoes, jackets, etc. ¬†Yikes. ¬†hahah we’ll see tomorrow.

For the past 2 years I’ve done makeup and hair for so many clients for their boudoir/beauty shoots and now it’s finally my turn! ¬†As a makeup artist I’m¬†there for the getting ready part, and I see all the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff going on and it always looks so fun and I’ve always always wanted to do a boudoir shoot myself. ¬†I also see most of the photos when they’re done and honestly each and every one of them are so beautiful, such a work of art. ¬†I knew one day I’d do this but I’ve always put it off for some reason and now it’s finally time!! ¬†I can’t wait!

I will update more next time with how I prepared for this shoot (makeup,etc) but now this girl needs all the beauty sleep she can get, good night!!


Tracy – Edmonton Boudoir Makeup Artist


“You did an amazing job! Thanks for making me feel beautiful. I usually don’t like my pics which I’m sure you hear all the time.but great makeup and the right lighting,……..WOW!
Thanks – Tracy”

I love what I do and I’m good at what I do but it’s always nice to hear from my clients that they love their makeup and that they felt beautiful! Thank you Tracy! Your pictures turned out soooo gorgeous!

Tracy brought in her clip-in extensions (which alot of clients do)¬† and I have no problem putting them on for my clients and workin’ it like their own hair!¬† Va-va-va-voom!¬† Instant sexy hair!¬† ūüôā

Boudoir Styling – Edmonton Makeup Artist

A bunch of photos that I forgot to post!  All hair and makeup by me.








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