Bridal Trial

I cannot stress how important it is to have a bridal trial. It’s like buying a new car without test driving it first. I usually like to tell my future brides to book the trial on the day of their engagement photo session. That way we can see how the makeup photographs. A lot of the times brides will ask for a super natural look and when they see how much the camera washes out everything, they will then understand why it’s always better to go a teeny bit more with the makeup. Every photographer will tell you that as well. I always tell my brides to take note of what you liked or didn’t like or text me right away so i know what to change the day of the wedding. That way there will be no surprises on your wedding day and most importantly, no time wasted!

Here is one of my August brides. We went for something natural but not- but just enough to enhance what she already had and enough to show up in photos. Super pretty soft glam!


My favourite time of the year is upon us…stay tuned for a few Halloween looks!

Asian Eyes – Edmonton Asian Makeup Artist

Asian eyes can be quite challenging when it comes to makeup, especially when doing a smokey eye on mono lids.  

Most are afraid to use too much dark eyeshadow or too much eyeliner because it will make your eyes look even smaller.  

But if done right, a dark smokey eye can look super sexy & sultry and definitely enhance the shape of Asian eyes.πŸ‘Œ 

Makeup & Hair by me

Please Note!

Your girl will be on vacation in all parts of Asia!!  Yay!!  I will still be updating lots from there when i can but please note I may not be able to reply to my emails as quickly.  Thanks and see u on the other side of the world!!❀ 

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New Years Eve 2016 – Edmonton Makeup Artist

My New Year’s Eve Look!

Decided to add a little color since I rarely wear colored eyeshadow anymore.  And I put my hair up because I alwayssssss have it down.  Always good to change it up right!!  And to finish off the look I chose a little black backless dress! (say that 5X fast haha)

Happy New Year beauties!!!  2017 I’m comin for ya!!! πŸ™Œ

Christmas 2016Β 

Another super late post- oops!

Classic red lips for Christmas.  I was an elf on Christmas Eve and then Mrs. Claus on Christmas Day.  And I’m one of those moms who makes her kids dress for the occasion. πŸ˜‚. They hate me now but they’ll thank me in the future!! 

The cutest Rudolph I ever did see!  Ava is always a good sport for having makeup put on her as you can tell from Halloween and now Christmas lol. 

Merry super belated Christmas from our family to yours!!! ❀