Video shoot for – Edmonton Makeup Artist


Last month I had the pleasure of working on a video shoot with for It was a longgg day but so much fun!!! Will share the video once it’s completed!!


The first look I did was casual daytime. Fresh and pretty was what we were going for. Also helped that the model was naturally gorgeous 😍


Second look was a night on the town. Classic smokey eye and red lip always does the trick! 👍


With the fabulous stylist and model. Always a fun time here!!! 👊😆😆😆

Makeup for Young Girls – Edmonton Makeup Artist


Hair & Makeup by Me

Pretty and fresh makeup is what I usually like to do for my younger clients.  (11-15 yrs old)  A young lady’s skin is usually flawlessss so sometimes just concealer and powder will do wonders.  Other times if I have to even out the skintone, I will use a light weight/ light coverage foundation to do that.  A bright pink blush always brightens up a pretty face.

For eye makeup I like to go less heavy, less dramatic.  Groomed eyebrows are really important to frame the eyes since I usually go light on the eyes.  False eyelashes are rarely used.  (depends)  A wash of neutral eyeshadow on the lids and eyeliner only for the top, for the bottom liner I just smudge some eyeshadow there and then coat top and bottom lashes with 2 coats of mascara!

Then for the lips, Pink/coral lipstick with lots of lipgloss keeps the look young and fresh and pretty.  What every young girl should be!  Kinda like you’re wearing makeup but not you know?!  🙂

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Myra – Edmonton Numa Model Makeup

One of my favorite sets by far this year!!!  I am so in love with Myra and her photos.  What a gem she is.  Myra is going to go far, such a talented and beautiful young lady!

For the ballerina set, I put on false doll-like lashes for Myra and then put her longggg hair into a high bun.  SO SO pretty!!!!


Then I quickly let her hair down and used a 1.5″ clipless curling rod to put loose waves into it for the next sets.  Literally took minutes!



I did a romantic and soft makeup look using light smokey eyeshadow colors to enhance Myra’s eye color.  Kept the blush to a minimal hint of pink and the perfect pink shade to go on her lips.  She has the perfect face!

Myra’s website:

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Numa Models – Edmonton Model Makeup Artist

Some more of my recent work:
Hair & Makeup by me.




The models I work with range from 11 years old to 50-something years old.   I cannot say enough times how much I love what I do!   I have so much fun working on and chatting with everyone from all ages and all walks of life.

Makeup for a 12 yr old girl is different from a 20- something year old, 50 year old, etc.   No matter what the age, they all are beautiful and so awesome to work with! 
I’ll have to do a more detailed post on what I do for makeup for each age category.

Sisters – Edmonton Model Makeup

Some photos from Laura & Victoria’s shoot.  Both Hair & Makeup by me.



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Model Work – Edmonton Makeup Artist

Some of my most recent work!
Hair and makeup by me.





Aleesha – Edmonton Model Makeup




Hair & Makeup by me.



Laura & Victoria – Edmonton Numa Model Makeup



Hair & Makeup by me.

How lucky am I to always get to work with such beauties?!  Seriously.
Not only are they beautiful on the outside, they’re even more beautiful on the inside.  I had such a great time chatting and laughing with these 2 sisters!! 

Sometimes I still can’t believe my job is to meet and chat with such beautiful, awesome people!  #lovemyjob #blessed

Can’t wait to see the pictures!