Beach Wedding Beauty Inspiration – Loverly and lilylelymakeup

My friends at sent some beautiful wedding dresses for me to choose and create beauty inspiration for and here is my pick! is like a one stop wedding shop.  You know how brides carry a binder or wedding planner book  for inspiration and planning?  You can now do it all online on!  Everything you need to plan your wedding.  I know what I’ll be using when my time comes 😀
I’m not married.  Never been but if I ever, I’m all about the destination weddings.  I mean, I’ve already been planning my imaginary beach wedding for most of my adult life!  Just check out my pinterest, I have a whole board on “My Future Beach Wedding’!  It’ll happen one day damnit, IT WILL!!!!!!!!!!!! #endrantbridewannabezilla hahhaahha
I chose this simple yet elegant and sexy wedding dress for the perfect beach wedding.  (ahem mine will be in Varadero, Cuba in case you’re wondering)  Who says you can’t wear a fancy elegant full length wedding dress on the sandy beach?  I’d skip all jewlery except maybe some diamond stud earrings.  No necklace, no bracelets, nada.  Afterall, you don’t want tan lines on your neck or wrists.  Plus, it’ll probably be so hot that any jewlery would probably just irritate the crap out of me (or you.)  The best part – no need for 4+ inch heels that’ll dig into and hurt your feet.  Barefoot or with bling’ed out flip flops, either will work with this strapless beauty of a dress.  🙂
For makeup, I would focus more on that sexy JLo glowy bronzey skin.  I’d be careful not to get too tanned or worst, sunburnt before the wedding day so be careful ladies!  Limit the tanning by the pool/beach.  Or wear a hat and sunblock!  That luminous glowy skin can be achieved by using bronzer and a great highlighter.  Paired with a medium smokey eye using neutral color eyeshadows and then topped off with a pinky-nude lipgloss and we are good to go!  For hair, I think loose beachy waves would look best.  But if it’s too hot I would pull the loose curls to the side and go for that messy low side bun or ponytail look.  Casual yet chic and beautiful for my I mean your beach wedding!  😀
Beach Wedding Makeup

Asian Smokey Eye – Edmonton Wedding Makeup Artist


I woke up before the crack of dawn for my bride today.  Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy.  My whole ‘put-on-makeup-look-my-best-at-all-times-cuz-I’m-only-young-once’ motto went out the door!  Hahaha. I stumbled out of bed, barely brushed my teeth, (sorry Adeline! muahah) slapped on some eye cream n moisturizer and out the door I went. 

Everytime I have to wake up early (before 10am) for work, I always ask myself ughhhh whyyyyyyy did I agree to this!??  But I love what I do and I wouldn’t wanna be doing anything else!  It’s kinda like going to the gym…you don’t really wanna wake up for it and you have to drag yourself there.  But once you’re there it’s all good and you’re glad you went and when you’re done its so rewarding and you love it!! Haha. That’s how I feel about waking up early for wedding gigs. 🙂

Adeline had a bridal trial with me a few weeks ago.  I have never met a bride who loves a good smokey eye more than myself!  Yay! My kinda girl!!  🙂  Don’t be afraid of a dramatic smokey eye for your wedding.  It’s super sexy and photographs awesome.

Here is the finished look for Adeline’s big day today:



Face products:

A primer, 2 eyeshadows and a highlight shadow were used for this smokey eye.

I also had the pleasure of doing the mother of the bride’s makeup as well and she looked so so beautiful. But unfortunately I forgot to take a picture.

It was so nice meeting you and your mom Adeline! Thank you for the yummy food and remember to send me pics!