Mature Makeup – Edmonton Makeup Artistย 

Mature makeup at its finest for a photoshoot.  I filled in her eyebrows which made a huge difference in framing the face and eyes!  Then I paired the brows with a smokey eye and tamed those eye bags and then kept everything else pretty neutral so her eyes would be the main focus.  Who says older women can’t wear a smokey eye?! 

Before & Afters – Edmonton Makeup Artist

Sometimes photos speak more than words.  Especially in this case because it’s 3:09am and I am lazy and sleepy. ๐Ÿ˜ 

All makeup & hair by me.

Lotssssss more to come!๐Ÿ’‹

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Mature Beauty – Edmonton Makeup Artist



Hotness at any age!!  Can we agree?!! 😍😍😍 With age appropriate makeup of course โ˜บ And big hair always looks good on anyone ๐Ÿ˜‰

Deena – Edmonton Boudoir Makeup & Hair

What a difference a filled in eyebrow + a flattering eyebrow shape makes right! Just frames and opens up the eyes so beautifully!

Deena doesn’t usually wear too much makeup so we went for a more ‘natural but not’ look. A lot of my clients prefer this look which makes sense, especially when you’re not used to wearing or seeing yourself with makeup on. BUT remember that makeup for photography is different; it has to be a little more intense so that it’ll show up on camera. Lighting washes out a lot of things. I know that seeing yourself with more-than-usual makeup on is sometimes shocking or uncomfortable, but just put your trust in me. As long as you look hot it’s all good right!!! 👍 Don’t worry, I got chu!!! 👊 😆

Outfit of that day! #lovepink

Melanie – Edmonton Boudoir Makeup & Hair


Today’s client Melanie came concerned that her rosaeca would show in her boudoir photos.  I used my trusted MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation and it sure did it’s job!  Melanie looked fantastic!  And this is before lighting and photoshop; I can’t wait to see your photos pretty mama! โค


#selfie #ootd before I leave of course!  I just got over the flu and a week of torture and not eating well so I was feeling skinny mini today hence the crop top muahahha 🙌👍

A Day’s Work – Edmonton Boudoir Makeup Artist

Love it Love it when my clients take selfies and sends them to me!! And I wasn’t even done her hair yet~ hehehe Cassie looked so HOT and she knew it! =)


For most clients, I normally do a medium smokey eye using neutral bronzey colors with a lighter lip. Unless they specifically ask for a certain look/colors. Cassie asked for a ‘dark but not too dark silvery-gray smokey eye with a porn star bright pink lip color’ LOVE IT. It was fun to do something a little different today and it turned out fabulous! Cassie loved it. Her friend, Lisa, who was also there loved it. I loved it. We all loved it! hahaha
This one is from my camera. Work it babe!! It was so much fun chatting and laughing with you!!!


My 2nd client today asked for the total opposite look. She wanted very natural, no false lashes, no black eyeliner on the bottom waterline with a very light, neutral lip. She also showed me a picture of Scarlett Johansson’s hair that she loved so I replicated by curling her hair with a smaller clipless rod. It turned out so beautiful! Such a natural beauty!


And of course, I had to selfie my outfit of the day!! My day is not complete without a #selfie!! Yes!~ sunglasses and shoes inside! #sofierce lol ๐Ÿ˜€ Happy weekend everyone!!! It’s finally spring here!!!


Brianne’s Boudoir Shoot – Edmonton Makeup Artist


Hair & Makeup by me.
This was from last week but better late than never right! Brianne looked so so pretty, just like a Victoria’s Secret Angel. ๐Ÿ™‚ If I don’t update right away or write down what I used, I always forget. This is the case right now. LOL. Sorry! But she looks gorg doesn’t she?! And that’s all that really matters ok! ๐Ÿ˜€

And of course, my must take selfie at work! Things I do when I’m bored or waiting for clients/in between clients! haha


Still keeping it vampy and not spring-ish yet because the weather here is crappy n cold still! #sooverwinter #albertan