Deena – Edmonton Boudoir Makeup & Hair

What a difference a filled in eyebrow + a flattering eyebrow shape makes right! Just frames and opens up the eyes so beautifully!

Deena doesn’t usually wear too much makeup so we went for a more ‘natural but not’ look. A lot of my clients prefer this look which makes sense, especially when you’re not used to wearing or seeing yourself with makeup on. BUT remember that makeup for photography is different; it has to be a little more intense so that it’ll show up on camera. Lighting washes out a lot of things. I know that seeing yourself with more-than-usual makeup on is sometimes shocking or uncomfortable, but just put your trust in me. As long as you look hot it’s all good right!!! 👍 Don’t worry, I got chu!!! 👊 😆

Outfit of that day! #lovepink

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