FOTD – Girl’s Night Out 2.0

I love my bright lipsticks but there’s something so sexy about pale, nude lips.  Lashes and nude glossy lips = all I need right now.

I honestly don’t even know what colors I used.  You know how it is, you put a lipstick on..whoa wayy too nude I look like a u wipe that off and put another lipstick on..meh.. don’t really like it. Add another lipstick on top.  Hmmm..better but not quite what you want yet.  So you add maybe a lip gloss on top thinking that’ll do but then shoot its too bright so you wipe some off then you add another one on top and voila!  Perfect nude color!  *duck face pouty lips pose*
Take some selfies.





Then when you go grab your lipstick to put in your bag for touchups for the night you have no idea what to grab cuz you used so many different products you dont even remember!!  Gahhhhhhh

That was me last night hahahha

I had a great girls night out and a yummy-licious cheat meal as per usual!  No need for lipstick touchups cuz I was seriously eating all night nonstop *oink oink*


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