OOTD & FOTD – Winter Fashion


How to kill time while waiting for clients:Outfit of the Day selfies!  Yay!

Totally wearing my parka with shorts! hahaha #canadiangirl

As usual, I threw on a hat today because I pressed the snooze button 3 times this morning.  When I have a hat on, it eliminates a lot of things like 1) I don’t have to do my eyebrows,  2) I don’t have to put foundation on my forehead, 3) No need for eyeshadow cuz no one can see it, 4) No need for false lashes either and 5) I don’t have to do my hair.  #1 and #5 requires the most time for me to do so if those 2 are eliminated I’ve won.  Literally took me 10 minutes to get ready.  And I got to sleep in too!  Winning!! Won!!? 



On my lips is yet another Wet n Wild matte lipstick.   Love!  This was driving home after work, (at a red light of course- Safety first!)  after eating 3 crackers, 2 wedges of laughing cow cheese,  a banana and a few sips of my bottled water.  No touchups at all.  These lipsticks don’t mess around!  They stain and stay on your lips for half the day! Seriously in love with them.


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