FOTD – Halloween & Wet n Wild Red Velvet Lipstick Review





On my lips is Wet n Wild’s Red Velvet lipstick.  I rarely ever wear red lipstick but when I do this is my go-to one.  It’s a matte finish so you have to make sure your lips are nicely moisturized and not chappy cuz matte lipstick + dry flaky lips are not cute. Because it’s a matte finish, the formula is quite drying so by the end of the day you will probably need to pull out the Vaseline.  Another thing I like is how this lipstick stains your lips so even if you wipe it off to eat or by the end of the day your lips are stained a nice berry color.  The best thing about this lipstick is it’s only $2.99 CAD!  I have every single color in this matte line and I LOVE them.  They are all so pigmented and opaque.  The only bad thing I have to say is this particular color bleeds around my lips a bit so I have to use a lipliner when I use this color.  The other colors I have no problem with.  Overall I give this 4.9/5.  LOVE!


Hope everyone had a happy Halloween!!! 🙂

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