Kristen – Boudoir Shoot


As much as I love brunettes, there’s something about blondes with blue eyes that makes me want to be blonde with blue eyes sooo bad!  My hair’s been black most of my adult life but I think one day I’ll be dangerous and maybe just mayyyybe get some blonde highlights like back in the day lol  Sadly that’s probably the closest I’ll ever be to being blonde.  😦

Whenever I get a blonde w/ blue eyes client I get giddy inside.  I’m not exactly sure why.  lol  Blue eyes look amaaaaazing with a bronze-y smokey eye, lots of black mascara and black eyeliner.  Totally makes blue eyes pop.  Especially in photos.  I almost always use MAC’s ‘woodwinked’ eyeshadow for my blue eyed clients.  Never fails!

Kristen, how can you still look so beautiful with half a face!!!  🙂

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