New Vanity Desk/Area


LOVING my new vanity area!  I spend a lot of time sitting here every morning and night so why not make it as pretty as I can right!?  I used whatever I had already in the house so nothing was bought new except the gorgeousss mirror.  The desk, chair, lamp, flowers,  etc. were all taken from other rooms then put together here 🙂


The products I use most often are stored in the pull out drawer.


The rest of my makeup/beauty stuff are stored here and here.


Not so pretty right. Hahah I still have to tackle and redo/re-organize these.  But they will have to wait til another time cuz I’m so busy (ok lazy).

Alright so since I’m a keep it real kind of girl, here’s how my vanity desk really looks like 99% of the time hahahhaha


Birthday Oreos and all!!!  🙂 

Happy weekend eveyone!!!  My last weekend off before the craziness starts this month.  All my weekends are fully booked n jam packed and I’m LOVING it!

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