It’s Wedding/Grad Season!


I didn’t have a fancy grad or anything.  I didn’t get to dress up or get my hair/makeup done.  Heck I went to grad dinner with my sister in law!  She was my date heheh  I don’t regret not going to grad or anything.  I just regret not being able to pick out a fancy grad dress, going to the leg (as in legislature- not leg/arm lol) and not getting my hair & makeup done all fancy for all the photo ops.  Cuz you know everyone and their mommas r busy snapping away from every direction possible!  The last thing you need is your worst enemy/rival at school having pictures of you looking not so cute.  hahaha

Ahhh wedding season.  The day most girls dream about since they can remember.  I’m not married yet but I know for sure I’ll look super gorgeous for when that happens lol.  I’m thinking super sexy super smokey eyes with bronzed skin, (since mine will be a beach wedding lol) contoured cheekbones, and a light shimmery pale pink almost nude lip.  Yes.  I’ve already planned my wedding makeup to go with my imaginary Cuba wedding.  🙂  I don’t know when it’s happening but it’s happening.  In the meantime, let me help you with yours! 😀

Now booking for every and any occasion.

Heck, for a girls night out or stagette, wow all your friends with a super sexy you!  But um make sure you don’t outshine the bride-to-be too much. (unless her makeup is done by me too of course)  muahahaha lol  JK!

Some bridal work:




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