Amber -Boudoir Shoot


I LOVE this pic.  Amber had soooooo many beautiful pics but this was my fav.  I did a super smokey eye which suited her so well.  And the lipgloss was actually her own!  Amber suggested using her own lipgloss because she loved the color and why the heck not!?  It looked fantastic on her and it suited the whole look so well! 

A lot of times clients will bring some of their own makeup for me to look through and use and I have no problem obliging if it suits the look!  🙂
(Especially if you have sensitive skin/eyes, it’s a great idea to bring your own)


Amber also brought her own cover-up for me to use because she was used to the product and she knew it worked for her.  I used her foundation and concealer as well as my own products and mixed n matched and voila!  Hot babe alert!  Not to mention that beautiful sleeve of hers!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ve been sooooooo super busy the past few weeks.  Its like I fell off the face of this (internet) earth!  Lol I even stopped instagramming for 2 weeks!!!! *gasp!!!* hahhaha but I am back full force now!  Lots more to come!!  🙂

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